The Three Musketeers: p. 120- 160

Posted On December 8, 2011

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I read twenty minutes of this.

If Milady de Winter knew this, D’ Artagan would be dead already.  Very useful when locked in combat. 101 ways very… interesting.

This woman, Milady de Winter is becoming one of the most sinister villains of this book.She steals and kills as she please. Sadly, since D’ Artagan made her fail her mission, she plans to kill him. So, she lures him and nearly traps the protagonist, but Kitty, her housemaid, hid D’ Artagan and made Milady reveal her plans. D’ Artagan comes out and fights with the woman. He discovers a deadly secret of de Winter- the fleur-de-lis! The fleur de lis is a brand which marks her a person who stole sacred relics from churches. He runs away and speaks to Athos, who askes about the woman. Athos takes quite a shock- Milady de Winter was his wife! He says, “Then the worst of my fears has come true… Oh, God! I had hoped she was dead! But she has returned to haunt me!”

Athos’s story: he was once a Count- the Count de la Ferra- though he denies being a Count. He married a beautiful girl of sixteen, and she was blonde, and had blue eyes. He made the mistake of giving everything he had to her. One day, his wife fell from her horse and her shirt ripped, revealing the Fleur-de-lis, a small red one. Since everyone who had the Fleur- de- lis were punishable by death, Athos hung her.

A little bit of French… The Fleur-de-lis~lily.

The Cardinal is pretty smart. Instead of exacting his revenge on the knob hole that defeated his minions, he thinks about hiring him, which is pretty smart. He also gave de Winter a warrant that allows her to murder. Yay.

The plot: 1. D’ Artagan recieves a gift for restoring the Queen’s honor. 2. The Cardinal thinks about hiring D’ Artagan and sends Milady de Winter to talk “peacefully” to the Duke of Buckingham. 2. Before de Winter does that, she exacts her revenge and gets very close in killing D’ Artagan. 3. He escapes and discovers the fleur de lis on her arm. 3. He runs away and Athos discovers that his wife is still alive. 4. New chapter: The musketeers go to camp to fight at La Rochelle. The three musketeers meet the Cardinal and goes to the Red Dove Inn with him. Athos senses something is fishy and eavesdroppes through a pipe.

Again, this section is awesome, and I expect more of this kind of stuff. I still have a lot of gingerbread.


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